New York Appleseed’s Spring Newsletter announces the release of our Yellow Bus Service Research Briefing, which provides the legal history of yellow-bus service, an analysis of the most recent available data on the usage of yellow-bus service for NYC, and recommendations garnered from our research. Despite the importance of transportation for students to be able to get to school each day, the data on yellow-bus service and student transit in NYC is often incomplete or not made widely available. With the information provided in this briefing and our recommendations for greater transparency and accountability to students and families who rely on this resource, we hope to spur action by city leadership on this long-standing issue.

Transportation has become increasingly salient in discussions regarding school integration. As schools and districts in NYC look to implement diversity plans, they often must also address the question of access for students who reside in transportation deserts or need extra assistance to attend an inclusive school setting. Despite being a common topic in integration planning, it is difficult to find clear information on both the history and usage of yellow bus service in New York City – something that this research briefing attempts to remedy.

Read the entire briefing here and our spring newsletter here.

Announcement of Appleseed’s Yellow Bus Service Research Briefing in Spring Newsletter