New York Appleseed is incredibly excited to share the launch of our Community Conversation School Integration Toolkit. For over a decade, New York Appleseed has been leading research, workshops, working groups and events on the topic of school integration. This toolkit is a culmination of resources, frameworks, shared language and activities we have found helpful when approaching students, families, and community leaders alike in advancing school integration for their own school community.

The toolkit is a product of our 5-part Community Conversations Series hosted in the fall of 2023, where we delved into the history and continuing consequences of school segregation across New York City public schools. Participants were encouraged to explore how their own educational experiences and school communities can inform and further strategies for combatting segregation and promoting integration within schools.

Within this toolkit, you will discover the content of each workshop, along with materials such as worksheets, group activities, and discussion topics. We hope this can serve as a guide on how to learn, discuss, and define what meaningful integration means for yourself and your larger school community.

Just Launched: A Community Conversations School Integration Toolkit