New York Appleseed is hiring for a part-time position to support its School Diversity Project. Please check it out:

New York Appleseed School Diversity Project Associate Position

New York Appleseed is seeking to hire a committed and detail-oriented Project Associate to assist the organization’s School Diversity Project Director in promoting greater school integration in New York City and New York State. This part-time, 25-hour-per-week position is scheduled to begin on or around August 5, 2019.

New York Appleseed advocates for integrated schools and communities in New York and is particularly noted for its work promoting school diversity in New York City. We believe that the extraordinary size and geography of the city requires that parents, students, principals, and community leaders within individual schools and community school districts develop solutions to the problem of school segregation in coordination with the New York City Department of Education.

The successful candidate for this position will have deep ties to the low-income communities most affected by the problem of school segregation and the skills to work with these communities in promoting or preserving diversity. The Project Associate will expand New York Appleseed’s outreach and capacity to support the Alliance for School Integration & Desegregation (ASID) coalition and other local efforts through frequent travel for meetings and forums around New York City — and occasionally in other parts of the state. The sustained ability to attend events in the evening and, as needed, on weekends is essential for this position.   

The Project Associate will report to the Project Director and the Executive Director of New York Appleseed, will assist the Project Director in all manner of activities furthering the work of the Project, and will devote a small amount of time to assisting the Executive Director.  

Minimum education and experience requirements

A bachelor’s degree and some experience (two years strongly preferred) in civil rights, education, labor, political and/or community organizing are required.

Successful candidates will have well-developed writing and oral-communication skills. They must be able to exercise sound independent judgment in a variety of situations. Candidates for this position need to have experience (one year strongly preferred) in working with low-income individuals and communities and with individuals and communities of color. Candidates should enjoy careful planning, working in a supportive capacity to others, managing details and logistics of meetings and events, and relating to stakeholders and members of the public. Candidates should believe strongly in the urgency of school integration in New York City and New York State.

Fluency in Spanish or Mandarin would be highly valued, but is not required.  Experience and enjoyment in working with young people is also a plus.

Project Associate’s responsibilities in the first year of work:

  • Support for ASID
    • Attend general meetings (take notes, work with ASID to produce newsletter)
    • Support Steering Committee with other tasks
    • Manage Policy and Research committee logistics and meetings
  • Assisting Project Director with support for Community School Districts
    • Support integration planning in community school districts
    • Attend and take notes at/write reports on local community meetings
    • Build relationships with superintendents, CECs, and other stakeholders
    • Assist fundraising to support the work
  • Support for New York Appleseed’s work with Epic NEXT
    • Coordinate and schedule performances
    • Represent New York Appleseed at performances
    • Support the partnership in other ways, including fundraising
  • General Administrative Tasks
    • Support the Executive Director and the Project Director with administrative tasks to benefit the organization generally, including record keeping and accounting, website maintenance, newsletters, office management, mailings, and communications

Qualified applicants will exhibit the following:

  • Understanding of and support for the principles of New York Appleseed’s work.
  • Ability to work independently and represent New York Appleseed with confidence.
  • Strong interest in issues of racial equity.      
  • Relationship-building skills and experience and comfort working with diverse people from different backgrounds.
  • Strong written- and oral-communication skills.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook), WordPress, Google Drive, Dropbox, Constant Constant, and Doodle.  
  • Experience and confidence with technical aspects of social media, including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Strong cultural competency.
  • Good listening skills and task orientation, with an ability to follow through on assignments in a timely manner.
  • Strong logistical skills to work independently to organize and manage meetings, public education events, presentations, and community forums and discussions.
  • Careful attention to detail in all matters.
  • Enthusiastic willingness to to work in a supportive capacity to the Project Director, the Executive Director, the Board of Directors, and ASID.  
  • Ability to work collegially with staff, pro bono volunteers, board members, and funders.
  • Openness to evolving responsibilities and professional development.
  • Willingness and ability to have a changing schedule week-to-week so as to attend evening and weekend meetings, perhaps weekly or at least several times a month.
  • Willingness to travel extensively within all five boroughs of New York City and, occasionally, to other areas of the state.


New York Appleseed offers a competitive hourly salary commensurate with a candidate’s background and skills as well as reimbursement for approved travel and business expenses.


The position will be based at New York Appleseed’s offices in Midtown with routine field-work in all five boroughs and in other parts of the state.

To apply:

Please send a cover letter demonstrating as many of the qualities above as possible and resume to

Application deadline:  June 16, 2019

New York Appleseed is hiring!