Rochelle Du joins New York Appleseed as the Integrated Schools Project Coordinator after working as an English teacher in Taiwan for 2 years. As a second-generation immigrant who grew up in a predominantly white suburb, she witnessed firsthand the lack of culturally-sensitive education and thus strived to create sustainable change for current and future learners, especially those coming from marginalized backgrounds. She was a member of the Community of Volunteer Educators and helped develop innovative academic programming to reduce educational inequities, expanded access to equitable learning opportunities, and managed a virtual after-school program during COVID-19. Additionally, she volunteered at East Harlem School at Exodus House teaching Mandarin Chinese, reading, writing, and math to elementary school students. Excited to marry her passions of social justice and education, Rochelle is using her voice and privilege to advocate for equitable integration, culturally-responsive education, and generational abundance. Rochelle holds a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Linguistics and minored in Education from Binghamton University.

New York Appleseed Welcomes Rochelle Du as the New Integrated Schools Project Coordinator