Appleseed’s Executive Director, Nyah Berg, wrote an op-ed with HSAAC members, Chantal Hailey (University of Texas at Austin) and Karuna Patel (Fordham Law School’s Feerick Center for Social Justice), “A scarcity mindset prohibits progress in NYC high school admissions,” published today in the Daily News. They re-frame the scarcity mindset present in NYC’s high schools admissions process and call on Chancellor Banks to bolster equitable progress in HS admissions by focusing on fairness and continuing to make the process more inclusive. Our previously released recommendations to support under-resourced and historically marginalized families and students in the middle and high school admissions process in NYC were further uplifted in this op-ed as ways to build on the progress of the past couple of years to ensure that segregative tools like screens are not re-instated, and that the foundation is laid for truly integrated schools.

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Op-ed Fighting Back the Scarcity Mindset in Admissions