New York Appleseed, in partnership with the High School Application Advisory Committee (HSAAC) convened by Fordham Law School’s Feerick Center for Social Justice, finalized a comprehensive brief outlining needed recommendations for middle and high school admissions, which was sent to the Chancellor and his team as they lead community engagement around the admissions process. These recommendations were further uplifted in an infographic that Appleseed made, which highlights the importance of timing, transparency and technical assistance in the middle and high school admission process to center fairness and support under-resourced and historically marginalized students and families. As incremental steps have been made towards more access in middle and high school offers over the past year, Appleseed is working diligently to ensure that the small progress that has been made to dismantle segregative policies is not undermined, and to continue to promote policies that will increase equity in admissions and foster real integration in school communities.

Find translated versions of the Focus on Fairness Infographic in Bangla and Spanish.

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Recommendations to Support Under-Resourced and Historically Marginalized Students and Families in NYC’s Middle and High School Admissions Process